Lesson 2: Basic Greetings

Lesson 2 : Basic greetings – Deuxième leçon : les salutations de base

Say hello

French English
Bonjour Good morning
Bonsoir Good evening
Salut Hello, Hi
Au revoir Good bye
Salut Bye, bye (You can use « salut » to say hello and good bye)

Say please and thank you

French English
Merci Thank you
Merci beaucoup Thank you very much
S’il vous plait Please

Basic meeting questions(Q) and  answers(R)


IMPORTANT : In French there is a respectfull way to speak with the people you do not know. So if you know the person well you have to say TU but if you do not know this person at all or if you have to show your respect for this person, you have to use VOUS (in English it is YOU in every case)

Q: Comment allez vous? (How are you?)

R: Je vais bien, merci. (I am fine, thank you.)

Q: Comment vous appelez vous? (What’s your name?)

R: Je m’appelle Pierre. (My name is Peter.)

Q: Quel âge avez-vous? (How old are you?)

R: J’ai 25 ans. (I am 25 years old.)

Q: D’où venez-vous? (Where are you come from?)

R: Je viens de France. (I am from France.)

Q: Où habitez vous? (Where do you live?)

R: J’habite à Paris. (I live in Paris.)

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