Overwiew of what you can see by visiting Paris

Paris …

Paris is very famous in the entire world for the beauty and the number of its monuments and memorials : towers, churches and cathedrales, bridges, palaces, parks and fountains …




You cannot get bored in the City of Lights. Paris is full of benchmark historical that remind you the past and the antique way of life in France. Paris would never be Paris without its Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame and the Sacré Coeur.

Photographies PARIS by night 2

An every night, there is something magic outhere. All the streets are illuminated by beautifull lights that embellish all the memorials and the monument too. I am sure, you’ve already watched on TV, the Eiffel Tower dressed with different color lights that create a new atmosphere each time.

By visiting Paris, you can experiment very different feelings. Romantism and love by walking on Le Pont Neuf or on another bridge accrossing the Seine, why not siting on a bench with your love after a walk on the bank of the Seine. It’s tempting, isn’t it? In Paris, you can also live a big moment ao thrill by visiting the famous catacombs and have a look at the Paris underground. But in Paris, you can also find a exotism touch with the big Mosque. 

Unmissable or unusual, all the Parisian monuments tell you the story of this 2000 year-old city. Most of them are open on weekends but close one day pe week. And you can visit the majority of them in the night to enjoy their special lights.



Now, see our Top 4, the 5 monunents or sites we highly recommand you.

The Eiffel tower

This great lady dominates the town with its 324 meter-high and overhangs with its metallic beauty the Champs de Mars and the banks of the Seine running at its feet. Every night it sparkles with a thousand fire for the very great pleasure of the residents and the tourists.



Arc de Triomphe

This big monument, symbols of Napoleon epic is located at the Champs Elysées end. After the first world war, an unknow soldier was burried under it to symbolize all that war’s victims.


Sacré Coeur

The basilica of Sacré Coeur in Montmartre dominates Paris with its white dome. Located at the top of Montmartre, one of the highest Paris hill, you can have a great view of the town during its visit. Just look lower, just at the Basilica feet to see number of artists and painters finding inspiration and working on the Place Tertre.


Notre Dame de Paris and its treasure

One of the most remarquable masterpiece of the Gothic architecture. It hads number of stained glass windows and rosettes. With its gargoyles, its towers, its arrow and its bells, this monument was the most important source of inspiration for the famous writer Victor Hugo and its novel well named Notre Dame de Paris.






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