Experience the “Garden of France” Loire Valley!

Loire Valley is a charming and captivating region filled with rolling green knolls, beautiful flowers, and wonderful vineyards, sprinkled with over a thousand chateaux.

Loire Valley was quintessential for writers and poets over the centuries and has presented some of the best artistry within France.   There is so much to see and take in.  This location is ideal for any traveler who is looking for a vacation, holiday or day trip filled with allure, romance, adventure, history and art.

Experiencing the Loire Valley is becoming engulfed in its rich and deep history, amazing architecture, and sprawling towns!


The Chambord is vast.  In fact it is the largest castle within Loire Valley.  The Renaissance structure which was designed and built by François I is encircled by a huge hunting preserve and park.  Horse drawn carriages will take you through the estate to marvel at its impeccable grounds, gorgeous furnishings and magnificent architecture.  You can also take in the Chambord via air balloon which is accessible on site. 


Orleans is known as the vinegar hub of France, and once, the second largest city of the region.

If you visit during May, there is a celebration honoring Joan of Arc, who released Orleans from the British in 1429.  You can also the visit the home in which Joan of Arc used to stage her uprising.

The city features castles of Sully-sur-Loire and Chamerolles, all worth a visit.  In addition, the town highlights Hotel Groslot, a beautiful stone and brick mansion of the Renaissance period, which operated as the Town Hall, and the Cathedral of St-Croix, designed with Gothic influence.

This world renowned castle is most known and connected, for many centuries, with France’s Kings.  If you are still enhancing your French repertoire, on Wednesday, enjoy an English speaking show at the castle.

Other amazing sites to take in include:  Chaumont-sur Loire which, from mid June through mid October, covers the very well-known International Festival of Parks and Gardens; and the Châteaux of Beauregard.

Known by Rodin as the Acropolis of France, the celebrated and famous Cathedral of Chartres is an incredible throw back to the architecture of the medieval period.

While in Chartres, check out the castles of Maintenon and Anet, and visit an assortment of long forgotten musical instruments, sculptures, and stunning stained glass features.

Delightful footbridges, gabled homes, and enchanting medieval cobbled stoned streets in Old Town, all lay at the base of Cathedral of Chartres.

Amboise is an attractive town which features appealing white stone homes which date back to the 15th century.

Venture to Cbs Lucé.  Here is where you’ll find the former dwelling of Leonardo da Vinci.   Just miles away from Cbs Lucé, you’ll encounter the Ladies Castle, also known as the Château of Chenonceau.  This lovely castle features a popular viewing terrace, designed by the Queens of France.

From there, you’ll be able to take in breathtaking sites including the Cher River.

The center of France can be found in Bourges.  This town encompasses very old rampart battlements, Renaissance and medieval architecture, and the extraordinary gothic Cathedral of St-Etienne which sits atop a mountainThis beautiful house of worship overlooks the entire hilltop. 

Other must sees include: Noirlac Abbey, the world renowned white wines of Sancerre, the château o’ Meillant, and in Nohant, the George Sand’s House.

During summer months, Bourges spotlights the Illuminated Nights.  This event features certain structures which magically come of life using light and music!

Connecting the Cher Rivers and the Loire, the town of Tour is a great way to explore the Loire Valley. Throughout the Middle Ages, Tours was one of the illustrious pilgrimage locations of Europe.

In this age, you’ll explore and discover neo-classical and Renaissance styled mansions which surround the celebrated Plumereau Square. 

You’ll find world renowned wine regions such as:  Chinon, Bourgueil and Vouvray.  Visit the Cathedral of St-Gatien, and the Châteaux of Azay-IeRideau.

Other must sees are: the Villandry, bordered by Renaissance themed gardens; and rumored to be the actual Sleeping Beauty castle, the Ussé; visit Langeais and Loches, in addition to the grand town of Chinon.


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